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Q: What is an oculoplastic surgeon?

A: An oculoplastic surgeon is an ophthalmologist who has completed two years of additional training in the surgical management of disease, aging, trauma, and reconstruction of the eyelids, orbits, brows and tear ducts. Both cosmetic and functional issues are addressed. The oculoplastic surgeon completes a two year ASOPRS (American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery) fellowship after completing a three year ophthalmology residency.

Q: How much does a cosmetic consultation cost?

A: Dr. Vicinanzo does not charge for a cosmetic consultation.

Q: If my referring doctor told me I needed surgery, will I have surgery on the day of my exam at Alabama Oculoplastic Associates?

A: No, you will not have surgery the same day unless it is an emergency. Once you have seen by Dr. Vicinanzo, your surgery will be scheduled for a mutually convenient date based on your individual eye condition.

Q: Where will my surgery be performed?

A: Dr. Vicinanzo operates at the Callahan Eye Foundation Hospital and St. Vincent’s North Surgery Center. He also performs certain procedures in his office.

Q: When can I return to see my regular eye doctor?

A: After surgery, Dr. Vicinanzo will see you several times for suture removal and to ensure proper healing. He will usually send you back to your primary eye doctor 3 months after surgery, unless an ongoing issue related to your surgery needs to be followed.

Q: What kind of cosmetic surgery does Dr. Vicinanzo perform?

A: Dr. Vicinanzo performs upper and lower eyelid blepharoplasty, which removes excess fat and/or skin. He also performs cosmetic brow lifts and mid-face lifting.

Q: Does Dr. Vicinanzo use injectables such as Botox®?

A: Dr. Vicinanzo uses Botox®, Juvéderm® and Radiesse® to smooth wrinkles and fill creases related to age.

Q: How do I get a copy of my medical records? How long will it take to get them?

A: Complete a medical records release form and fax it to us at (205) 930-9127. It will take from 5 to 10 business days once we have received the medical records release and payment.